Planning and Targeting for CT guided procedures

Set Up

1. Roll MAXIO® into position and register to the CT table using InstaRegTM [A]
2. Prepare the patient, send CT images from CT scanner console to MAXIO® [B]
3. Register current images with pre-operative images or plan, if available


4. Segment one or more VOI, identify no-go regions, define tumor margins **
5. Target organ or lesion, with up to 6 instruments, on 2D / 3D image
6. Visualize and edit estimated ablation volumes ** #


7. Enable MAXIO®’s stereotactic arm to position the probe guide for the procedure [C]
8. Manually advance each probe through the probe guide to reach the tumor [D]
9. Perform intra-operative registration to verify probe placement and adapt subsequent plan(s), if needed
10. Perform planned treatment (Ablation, Biopsy, Drainage, FNAC, etc.)


11. Verify procedure by registering pre - procedure and post - procedure images
12. Extend treatment until lesion is completely ablated with a desired ablation margin**
13. Generate patient reports to document procedure
14. Image registration and measurement of lesion volume may be used to monitor tumor progression during follow-up visits

** in case of tumor ablation procedure

# Ablation volumes as provided by the device manufacturer or as determined by the physician