What is MAXIO®?

MAXIO® is an image-guided, physician controlled stereotactic accessory to a Computed Tomography (CT) system. MAXIO® is intended for the stereotactic spatial positioning and orientation of an end effector and instrument guide to assist in manual advancement of one or more instruments such as rigid straight needles and probes during CT guided percutaneous procedures on organs and anatomical structures in the thorax, abdomen and pelvis.

MAXIO® provides pre-operative planning assistance by visually representing the planned instrument path and position(s) of one or more instruments on the model, along with performance data provided by the instrument manufacturer or as specified by the user.

MAXIO® provides intra-operative guidance and post-procedure verification support by registering images from multiple series.

MAXIO® consists of a stereotactic device and its accessories, software loaded on a computer, and a respiratory gating system. MAXIO® uses single use sterile disposables viz, end effector, instrument guide and drapes.

MAXIO® is intended to be used by physicians trained for CT procedures.

MAXIO® is a USFDA 510(k) approved device.

CT guided procedures are heading in a whole new direction...

Today, physicians plan interventional procedures by combining 2D images with their understanding of human anatomy. Physicians are then expected to manually advance one or more instruments to reach the target, without causing damage to vital structures, while accounting for organ and patient movement. It is, therefore, not surprising that these procedures are limited to the most skilled and experienced physicians.

Now, MAXIO® assists physicians to visualize and plan an entire procedure, such as tumor ablation, in 3D. Multiple VOI, Multiple instruments, Placement sequencing can all be planned before advancing a single instrument.

Once the plan is confirmed, MAXIO®’s stereotactic arm, combined with intra-operative registration, assists the physician to carefully advance one or more instruments accurately to reach the target.

MAXIO®’s post-operative image registration helps physicians verify and extend the treatment if needed. MAXIO®’s reporting tool then helps generate required reports.

MAXIO® is leading the way