Device Setup


Perfint’s proprietary InstaReg Technology helps in fast and simple registration. Just roll the ROBIO® EX onto the floor panel, push a button and registration is complete in seconds.

Robotic Targeting

Robotic Arm

ROBIO® EX’s robotic arm comes with a 5 DOF Axis (X, Y, Z, A & B) movement along with sub millimeter and sub degree accuracy.

This ensures that procedures can be performed at different table heights; reach difficult lesions that require more angulations (Orbital, Cranio - Caudal Angulations) with special focus on patient demographics.

Sterile Disposables

ROBIO® EX uses sterile disposables that are safe and ensure economical procedures. The sterile disposables are:

a. Needle Guide Adaptor – The adaptor is held by the fingers and used to hold needles / probes of varying sizes during the procedure

b. Needle Stabilizer – The primary function of the needle stabilizer is to stabilise the needle during the check scans after insertion

c. Needle holder – The Needle holder helps hold the needle and the needle guide in place and do check scans half way during insertion

d. Drape – Provides sterility for the moving arm