Perfint dedicates Robio Ez - Perfint is proud to dedicate Robio Ez - the second generation Robotic Targeting system for CT Guided interventions - towards furthering New Hope and New Direction in Interventional Oncology
Mr Nandakumar S, CEO Perfint on the eve of dedication of ROBIO by Perfint to Cancer Institute, Chennai.
Mr Nandakumar CEO Perfint felicitates Dr Mayilvahanan Natarajan -
Vice Chancellor MGR University
Mr Puhazhendi and Mr Bala of perfint requests Dr Mayilvahanan Natarajan to handover ROBIO to Dr Shantha
Dr Shantha unveils Robio. Dr Mayilvahanan Natarajan facilitates.
Also in picture Mr Bala and Mr Nandu of Perfint
Mr Nandakumar CEO Perfint demonstrates ROBIO to Dr Shanta and Dr Mayilvahanan Natarajan
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