IDG, Erasmic VFs invest $3.5m in tumour detecting machine
Perfint’s CT system simplifies procedure, lessens risk
Bangalore, Dec. 27 IDG Ventures India and Erasmic Venture Fund, early stage investors, on Thursday announced an investment of $3.5 million in a start-up healthcare devices company that has come out with a breakthrough technology involving minimum evasive procedure to assist the CT image method to diagnose diseases like cancer. The device, attached to a CT machine, assists in easier and precise detection of the smallest of tumour lesions in the lung and abdomen for an early stage medical attention to tackle the disease. It is safer than the current procedure which carries the risk of puncturing an organ or tissue structures.
Perfint Healthcare Devices Pvt Ltd, a company founded by a team of former GE Healthcare devices professional, has developed PIGA CT, a standalone mobile needle guidance system that helps in precise diagnosis of tumour, significantly reducing the risk to the patient. Making it simple The device enables interventional radiologists to attempt difficult procedures like early stage cancer biopsy, Fine Needle Aspiration and Radio Frequency Ablation. Estimated at $25,000, one tenth the cost in the US, PIGA CT makes image-guided intervention far simpler, safer. It helps timely medical attention to affected tissues.
Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Mr Nandakumar S, one of the founders of the Chennai-based Perfint, said the device will be launched commercially by the first quarter of the next financial year. Patent filed Perfint has filed a patent for its invention in the US and India, and will focus on developing niche healthcare products for the global market, with a special focus on emerging markets like India and China among others.
Perfint plans to come out with more products, including PIGA MRI and drug delivery systems, to enlarge its product portfolio
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