David E. Gustafson, Ph.D.
Consultant, Strategic Initiatives
Dr. Gustafson, co-founded a start-up company whose mission is to develop solutions for image-guided oncologic therapy delivery and monitoring.  Working with INTIO gave him an opportunity to not only become knowledgeable about the field of interventional oncology, but to meet and get to know key leaders from around the globe.  When an opportunity arose to apply his knowledge of this field for our company, he joined Perfint in 2012 as Vice President of Research and Development / CTO.
He has a broad experience encompassing most modern medical diagnostic imaging methods, including CT and Ultrasound, which are of particular importance to our organization. He has worked in the medical imaging industry in research and management positions in both large (Siemens and GE) and small companies (Fischer Imaging, INTIO) before joining Perfint.  His industry positions have focused primarily on directing product R & D, but his management depth also includes manufacturing, product marketing and business management.  Whether as a research scientist, and or in increasingly responsible managerial positions, efforts have emphasized delivery of advanced product features, which provide sustainable competitive advantage.
Nandakumar. S   Puhazhendi K
Diraviam Kannan Thirugnanam   David E. Gustafson, Ph.D.
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