Dr. Feng Xiao-Yuan

Vice President of Fudan University, President of Chinese Society of Radiology and Chairman of Radiology Department of Huashan Hospital, Fudan University.

Dr. Ni, a professor, chief physician, director of interventional radiology at the SuZhou University number one affiliated hospital.  He is a doctoral tutor and is a key medical personnel in the JiangSu Province.

Expertise of vascular stenosis or occlusion intervention, minimally invasive treatment of benign and malignant tumors, uterine fibroid embolization of tumor, vertebral fractures, surgical treatment of disc herniation.
Dr. Ni is currently interventional management expert,
SCVIR members, national Society of Interventional Radiology member,  interventional radiology team member in JiangSu province.

Dr. Ni is the deputy editor for Chinese Interventional Radiology, Chinese Medicine and Chinese Journal of Radiation,  special editorial for Chinese Journa of Inverventional Imaging and Therapy.  
World Jounal of Gastroenterology, Chinese Medicine Imaging Technology,  Clinical Liver Diseases editor.



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