Dr. Chih Chen
Chairman of TCL healthcare group
Chairman of CNMT Nucleon Medical Group

Chih Chen was born in 1953 in Taiwan.  He obtained his M.S degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh Universit, Pennsylvania in 1983.

In 1989. Dr.Chen started working in GE Medical systems as the Country Manager for Taiwan and the Philippines, then was promoted to Asia region service general manager in Singapore in 1990.  He was the appointed as  sales and marketing general manager and eventually became the general manager of GEMMS, a joint venture in Taiwan.

From 1996 to April 2009, Dr. Chen served as the President of GE Healthcare Greater China and then was promoted to corporate officer as Vice President of General Electric.

In 2008, Dr. Chen established SKR healthcare group and CNMT and serves as Ghairman.
In 2012, Dr. Chen and TCL established TCL Healthcare group and serves as Chairman.

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